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User Interface Design: Principles & Practices

Course Starts:
Saturday, 06th of November 2021

User Interface Design: Principles & Practices

Course Starts:
Saturday, 06th of November 2021

About this course

UI Design is what gives digital products a face that people will see and interact with. It is the art of creating visually pleasing, highly intuitive user experiences, lying at the intersection of psychology, technology, and design. 

UI designers are an indispensable link in the creation of digital products. Their work is the manifestation of those that came before them: Business stakeholders, UX designers, marketers, etc. UI Designers craft all their inputs into the stunning visuals that are passed on to developers make all these ideas and functions a reality.

User Interface Design: Principles & Practices
What You Will Learn
  • An introduction to the elements of user interface design
  • The design process, tools for following it, and frameworks to work within
  • How to work within a team, learning aspects like demoing and handing-off
Skills You Will Learn
  • Creativity & ideation
  • Visual communication
  • Developing an aesthetic sense
  • Storytelling
  • Designing within a grid
  • When and how to break the grid
  • Appreciating typography
  • Designing for humans in a technological environment

Course Prerequisites

None. Just a love for art, harmony, and beauty.


Day 1: Introduction to UI Design

We kick off with an introduction to the general concepts of visual design and a discussion of the differences between terms used in the field as well as commonly confused terms. We explore skills needed for a good designer and will take our time to apply the concepts learned and receive feedback.

Day 2: UI Design Process & Tools

There is a generic framework for design work, but every designer might have their own take on it. In this session, we outline a process for UI design, starting from building your visual sense onward. We introduce the tool we will use throughout the course to create our designs.

Day 3: The Elements of Visual Design for UI - 1

Design is a collection of elements and principles. We dive deep into the elements of grids, typography, and color, conducting exercises on their application. By the end of the session, you will have gained an understanding of these elements and had a chance to iterate upon them.

Day 4: The Elements of Visual Design for UI - 2

In this session, we discover the remaining visual design elements of iconography and imagery. We explore the significance of icons and the elements that govern their design and use. We also take a look at images and how they can be used to augment, not distract from, our design.

Day 5: Systems, Style Guides, and Flows

We close off the discussion of design elements with animations & microinteractions, and how use can use them to radically enhance our design. Now we can combine design elements into a bigger picture: Design Systems and Style Guides. We outline how they differ and how to use each. We also discuss how to use userflows and wireflows, the outputs we’ll be receiving from the UX team.

Day 6: Hand-off and Demo Essentials

We’re done! The final stages are to make sure we apply our design consistently to the entire project, and how to conduct design reviews. As designers, we also have to learn to pitch our work to our client or the dev team. We take a look at demonstrating our work and how to hand-off to developers.


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