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Why nxt.u?

The “u” is not for “university”…It’s for “You”: “Next YOU”
nxt.u is an educational space that lets industry leaders and experts share their knowledge and expertise with those willing to invest in learning, helping you learn your way to the “nxt.u”.

We believe that learning is a feedback-driven process requiring input from a mentor to reach true mastery in the shortest time, especially in creative, skill-based endeavors.

How do I learn on nxt.u?

nxt.u offers paid, mentor-led courses and learner-led private sessions that guarantee you're getting the knowledge and skills you need.

Your mentor will teach the concepts, observe you apply them, and give you personal, tailored feedback on your technical and soft skills.

Our mentor-learner relationship fosters accountability, which is a key motivator for learners to complete courses with a rate of almost 90%.

Why Should I Invest in learning with nxt.u?

Mentorship is the new classroom. The info is free in many online courses, but research points out it's not working.

  • 52% of those who register for online courses never even look at the course material.
  • Among all those registered. the completion rate is 1-10%.
  • Among those who intend to finish, only 22% percent actually complete their course.
  • No one knows whether or not you've grasped the knowledge and skills with enough depth to apply them in the workplace.
Here's how we compare against the MOOC model of online courses:
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Mentor Follow-up